● Established in 2011

● In 2012, I was involved in the UV LED industry, and started product design, raw material development, and product trial aging.

● In 2013, it fully mass-produced all-aluminum nitride brackets with quartz lenses 3838, 7070.

● In 2014, the production of high-quality 3535,6565 ceramic brackets and quartz lens cost-effective products, and a variety of aluminum nitride ceramic UV LED COB modules. Ritter is the UV product brand.

●In 2015, the mass production is suitable for the exposure machine with 3535 single core and 5050 four core specifications. At the same time, the high-efficiency and cost-effective products of metal bracket and quartz lens are introduced. At the same time, 6868 products of HTCC substrate (the independent design and production of the bracket) are also introduced.

● In 2016, trial production of high-efficiency and high-integration quartzcylinder mirror COB, while UVC product development.

● In early 2017, the HTCC multi-layer co-fired aluminum nitride ceramic substrate was fully introduced, and the 3535, 3838, and 6868 substrates were completely switched to HTCC.

UVC 280nm 2MW small batch trial production.

● In mid-2017, the nano silver paste process was fully introduced, all products achieved ultra-low thermal resistance, and gradually degummed. At the end of the year, the fully sealed flat glass COB products were produced.

● In 2018, UVC successfully produced more than 10MW products.

● In 2019, the company purchased vacuum eutectic machines and other equipment, UVC successfully trial production of 40MW, more than 100MW products.